Business Intelligence, Dashboard & Reporting

Every day, colleagues send you all types of data, from reports to spreadsheets, emails with charts, and even printed handouts. As the data accumulates, the task of quickly finding what you need, when you need it, becomes more difficult. Too much data increases the risk that you’re not using the most recent information.

Power BI can help make your job easier and more effective at the same time by converting all that data into charts and graphs to help you visualize your data in meaningful ways.

You and your colleagues can work from the same trusted dashboards and reports from a browser or mobile device. Because your data updates and refreshes automatically, you’re always working with the freshest content.

Furthermore, because the content isn’t static, you can explore your data further by looking for trends, insights, and other business intelligence. The intuitive features of Power BI allow you to slice the content and even ask questions by using your own words. Let Power BI monitor your data for you, and send you alerts when data changes above or below a threshold you set. All your data is available anytime, whether it’s in the cloud or on-premises, from any device.