Line-of-Business & Productivity Apps

Modernize your internal line of business (LOB) applications to meet today’s IT challenges and your rapidly changing business needs. Digital transformation starts with cloud technology and enables faster development, higher productivity, reduced costs, and more secure applications throughout your organization.

Adding a modern web and mobile front end to a legacy claims-processing app

This line-of-business application solution consolidates data from multiple business systems and surfaces the data through web and mobile front ends—helping to improve employee productivity and speed decision making.

Modern customer support portal powered by an agile business process

This line-of-business application solution provides a mechanism for monitoring and responding to customer feedback. Easily connect multiple business systems to enable nimbler customer support.

Customer onboarding process powered by a serverless architecture

This serverless architecture enables you to build and run applications without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure and the associated management and maintenance. By using it, you can dramatically improve developer productivity.