SharePoint & Office Add-ins Development

Effective add-ins offer unique and compelling functionality that extends Office applications in a visually appealing way. To create a great add-in, provide an engaging first-time experience for your users, design a first-class UI experience, and optimize your add-in’s performance. Apply the best practices described in this article to create add-ins that help your users complete their tasks quickly and efficiently.

Provide clear value

  • Create add-ins that help users complete tasks quickly and efficiently. Focus on scenarios that make sense for Office applications. For example:
  • Make core authoring tasks faster and easier, with fewer interruptions.
  • Enable new scenarios within Office.
  • Embed complementary services within Office hosts.
  • Improve the Office experience to enhance productivity.
  • Make sure that the value of your add-in is clear to users right away by creating an engaging first run experience.
  • Create an effective AppSource listing. Make the benefits of your add-in clear in your title and description. Don’t rely on your brand to communicate what your add-in does.